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"My song a sweet temptation, come to me beneath the ceiba tree."

Spirit derives from Mayan mythology.

Xtabay is a female demon originating from a Mayan legend who has ill intentions towards men in the Yucatán Peninsula. She dwells in the forest to lure men to their deaths and, according to those that have escaped her, she possesses incomparable beauty and evil. She has beautiful black shiny hair that falls down to her ankles.

The details of the legend of Xtabay are too important to summarize it, so please check out the Xtabay legend for an interesting story.

The moral of the legend is that "virtue is within the heart and not only actions."

Grandmothers and mothers use the legend to teach good behaviors to their children. To prevent infidelity, it is said that the Xtabay lures drunk and cheating husbands who left their home at night - as a siren and sings a song that seduces the men towards her, and then she devours them. The myth is used by grandparents and parents to mold their children into never going out into night to drink or cheat on their wives.

Healers blesses its summoner and allies, including summoned spirits.

Summoning ingredients requires: Basil and Xtabentún