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Players in Covens can visit Madame Fortuna to peruse her shop.

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The store is spilt into 4 sections:

Currencies, Gear, Ingredients, and Elixirs.


Currency location

Silver and Gold Drachs are the currency used by witches in Covens to pay for various services and trade with Madame Fortuna. Both of these currencies can be acquired by playing the game, but if you are in desperate need, you can purchase them from the in-game store.


Gear location

There are many outfits, makeup, and other cosmetic options players can get to customize the appearance of their witch in Covens.

Check out the dedicated page for just the Gear of this game.


Ingredients location

There are 3 different Path Packs of ingredients that can be purchased from the store using in-game currency.

Each pack of contain a variety of ingredients made especially for each Path.

Covens shop ingredients-white-crop.jpg

  • Gems: Mother's Tear
  • Botanicals: Hyssop, Betony, Mugwort, Orris Root, Pennyroyal
  • Tools: Fried Tofu Bags, White Fur, Oily Feather, Onyx Circlet, Hourglass

Covens shop ingredients-shadow-crop.jpg

  • Gems: Malachite, Blood Agate
  • Botanicals: Lobelia, Borage
  • Tools: Black Candle, Silver Comb, Onyx Ring

Covens shop ingredients - grey - crop.jpg

  • Gems: Blood Agate, Malachite, Brimstone, Mother's Tear
  • Botanicals: Bindweed, Galangal, Eye Bright, Angelica
  • Tools: Votive Candle, Beeswax, Collected Rainwater, White Crystal


Elixirs location

The in-game store has 5 elixirs to choose from: Power, Resilience, Gathering, Alignment, and Experience.

Each elixir last for 24 hours.

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