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Players can summon spirits to fight along side them to defeat spirits and other players. They can also summon spirits to defend their Places of Power.

   Wild spirits are located around the world in their native environment, so you should probably see the List of Spirits for more information on each one!

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Energy Costs of Spirits[]

All spirits require energy and one or more ingredients to summon:

  • Covens-Spirit-Tier 1.png
    Lesser spirits - 1000 energy and 1 ingredient
  • Covens-Spirit-Tier 2.png
    Greater spirits - 2500 energy and 1 ingredient
  • Covens-Spirit-Tier 3.png
    Superior spirits - 4500 energy and 2 ingredients
  • Covens-Spirit-Tier 4.png
    Legendary spirits - 7500 energy and 3 ingredients


  • Familiars will follow & protect its summoner and attack along with them.
    • Depending on which of the 9 Familiars: it will attack the target that you attack, it will dispel harmful conditions, and even heal you.

  • Assassins are the most helpful when another spirit or witch is in the vulnerable state (almost out of energy). They move to and attack vulnerable enemies nearby. Assassins aggressively fights alongside its summoner.

  • Tricksters are unpredictable warrior spirits that casts a random spell (positive or negative) on any witch (including their own summoner).

  • Guardians protects its summoning location - intended for Places of Power and Portals.

  • Healers blesses its summoner and allies, including summoned spirits.

  • Harvesters collects nearby items of value for its summoner.

There are only 3 Harvester spirits in the game. You should still defeat them for your spirit Deck. However, those 3 are broken so don't waste your energy summoning them!

  • Forbiddens are very aggressive that can attack everything - including summoner and allies.
    • Summoning them is" forbidden by Order of the Grey Hand Coven". (It is believed that summoning a Forbidden spirit will affect your ranking.)

Spreadsheets Available for Download[]

Frae Guile has made 2 spreadsheets to choose from:

Spirit Tracker has updated the information about all the spirits!

And if you just want to keep track of your ingredients or find a good location to collect them, Ingredients List is your best choice.

List of spirits[]

Name Rarity Class Common locations
Aatxe Greater Guardian North America
Abata Superior Harvester Central America
Abchanchu Legendary Forbidden South America
Abiku Superior Assassin South America
Abeona and Adeona Legendary Healer Europe
Abka Hehe Superior Assassin Japan
Abnoba Superior Assassin Nordic
Acat Greater Assassin Central America
Acca Larentia Superior Healer Europe
Acheri Greater Forbidden Europe
Aegir Legendary Assassin Nordic
Aeronwen Superior Assassin Europe
Aganyu Superior Assassin Middle East
Agni Greater Assassin Asia
Agogwe Greater Assassin Europe
Agwe Superior Guardian Central America
Ahool Superior Forbidden Asia
Aife Greater Assassin North America
Aine Superior Guardian Nordic
Alakshmi Greater Assassin Asia
Altamaha-ha Greater Guardian North America
Alcyone Greater Healer North America
Aluqa Superior Forbidden Slavic
Am Fear Liath Mòr Legendary Guardian Europe
Amberella Superior Healer Slavic
Ammit Superior Assassin Middle East
Andraste Greater Assassin North America
Angerboda Superior Guardian Europe
Angerona Superior Healer Nordic
Anhangá Greater Healer South America
Ao andon Superior Trickster South America
Apep Greater Guardian Europe
Apsara Superior Healer Asia
Ascalaphus Lesser Familiar South America
Attercroppe Superior Assassin Europe
Aurora Lesser Healer Nordic
Austeja Greater Assassin Slavic
Axehandle Greater Assassin North America
Ayida-Wedo Greater Assassin Central America
Ayizan Superior Healer Caribbean
Azaka Greater Healer South America
Badbh Greater Assassin North America
Bakeneko Greater Assassin Japan
Bakru Lesser Forbidden North America
Baku Lesser Forbidden North America
Banamu Hehe Superior Assassin South America
Banaspati Lesser Forbidden North America
Banshee Greater Guardian North America
Baohban Sith Superior Forbidden Nordic
Barghest Lesser Familiar North America
Befana Greater Healer Europe
Begtse Superior Assassin Japan
Belenus Superior Assassin Europe
Belie Belcan Greater Assassin Central America
Benten Superior Healer Japan
Bigfoot Legendary Assassin North America
Boggart Lesser Trickster Europe
Boo Hag Greater Assassin North America
Boromu Greater Forbidden Europe
Brocken Spectre Lesser Familiar Asia
Bruxa Evora Greater Assassin South America
Buda Greater Forbidden Africa
Bunyip Superior Harvester Europe
Caipora Legendary Assassin South America
Callisto Superior Guardian Nordic
Camazotz Superior Forbidden South America
Cat Sidhe Lesser Familiar North America
Chantico Superior Assassin South America
Charites Greater Healer North America
Chelone Lesser Guardian Oceania
Choncon Superior Assassin South America
Chthonian Lesser Familiar North America
Chupacabra Greater Assassin North America
Cindaku Legendary Assassin Asia
Cipelahq Superior Assassin North America
Coventina Greater Healer North America
Curupira Lesser Trickster South America
Dapper Skeleton Lesser Familiar North America
Djab Lesser Forbidden North America
Djinn Superior Forbidden Middle East
Drop Bear Superior Guardian Oceania
Dryad Superior Assassin Nordic
Edimmu Greater Forbidden Europe
El Indio Greater Assassin North America
Evil Wind Superior Forbidden Africa
Far Darrig Lesser Trickster Oceania
Fossegrimen Superior Guardian Nordic
Fowler Lesser Familiar North America
Fuath Superior Forbidden Europe
Fudo Legendary Guardian Japan
Fukusuke Greater Healer Asia
Furious Wolf Greater Forbidden Europe
Gabija Greater Assassin Nordic
Gashadokuro Lesser Forbidden South America
Glaistig Greater Assassin Nordic
Great Dragon Legendary Forbidden Middle East
Grim Leopard Superior Forbidden Africa
Grindylow Superior Guardian Europe
Goatman Greater Assassin North America
Hitotsume-kozo Lesser Healer South America
Hound of Annwn Legendary Assassin Europe
Huldra Lesser Forbidden North America
Hyōsube Lesser Trickster Asia
Inugami Lesser Assassin Japan
Itzamna Legendary Guardian South America
Itzpapalotl Superior Assassin Central America
Jack O' Lantern Lesser Guardian North America
Jersey Devil Greater Assassin North America
Jikininki Greater Forbidden South America
Jurupari Lesser Assassin South America
Kamaitachi Lesser Assassin South America
Katawaguruma Greater Forbidden Japan
Kalku Superior Assassin Central America
Kappa Lesser Assassin South America
Kek Lesser Assassin Slavic
Kesari Superior Assassin Asia
Kijo Superior Forbidden South America
Kirin Superior Assassin Japan
Kitsune Greater Trickster Asia
Lakshmi Greater Healer Asia
Lalechusa Legendary Guardian South America
Lamia Legendary Guardian Europe
Lares Lesser Healer North America
Lobisomem Legendary Assassin South America
Lubana Greater Healer North America
Madame Brigitte Superior Healer Caribbean
Mahamba Superior Assassin Middle East
Mami Waters Legendary Healer Africa
Manticore Legendary Assassin Middle East
Mapinguari Superior Guardian South America
Mare Lesser Forbidden North America
Maximon Superior Healer South America
Mazomba Superior Assassin Africa
Mishipeshu Superior Assassin North America
Moon Snake Lesser Familiar South America
Mothman Superior Assassin North America
Mujina Greater Assassin North America
Myobu Superior Guardian South America
Nilith Legendary Forbidden Antarctica
Nisser Lesser Healer Nordic
Nokken Superior Assassin Europe
Onamazu Legendary Guardian Japan
Oni Superior Forbidden South America
Ouni Greater Healer South America
Pesta Superior Forbidden Nordic
Piasa Legendary Guardian North America
Pisadeira Superior Forbidden South America
Pukwudgie Lesser Assassin North America
Quetzalcoatl Greater Assassin North America
Rampant Superior Forbidden Middle East
Red Man Greater Assassin North America
Redcap Greater Trickster Nordic
Rye Wolf Greater Assassin Nordic
Saci Lesser Trickster North America
Sentinel Owl Lesser Familiar North America
Shezmu Legendary Assassin Africa
Shojo Superior Guardian Japan
Sidhe Superior Trickster Europe
South Wind Greater Forbidden Europe
Stingy Jack Greater Assassin North America
Strigoi Superior Forbidden Europe
Strix Superior Forbidden Nordic
Tanuki Greater Harvester South America
Tengu Legendary Assassin Japan
Terrible Shibbu Greater Forbidden Africa
Thunderbird Legendary Assassin North America
Tlaloc Lesser Guardian South America
Tzitzimitl Greater Guardian North America
Ulden Hehe Superior Assassin South America
Undine Greater Healer North America
Vila Superior Healer Europe
Wandering Head Lesser Trickster Central America
Wendigo Legendary Forbidden North America
White Lady Lesser Assassin North America
Xochipilli Superior Healer South America
Xolotl Superior Assassin South America
Xtabay Superior Healer South America
Yamanba Superior Forbidden South America
Yatagarasu Superior Assassin South America
Yuki-Onna Superior Healer Japan
Yunwi Tsunsdi Lesser Trickster North America
Zarabanda Superior Forbidden Africa
Zashiki-warashi Lesser Healer South America

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