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"I am the Sixth of the Seven. I am the Rampant, the vicious lion, who marches against god and king."

Spirit derives from ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia (from the beginning of written history circa 3100 BC).

Rampant is a very ambiguous force of chaos and disorder, a spirit of rebellion against artificial structures established by humans.

It may manifest as a stronge surge of aggression and energy directed towards destruction. It may also assume hundreds of unstable and continuously changing shapes (resemble a tiger, a panther, a werewolf, or consists of many animal parts) just within seconds.

With its necromantic associations — it may manifest as a destructive force of darkness and death which does not spare anyone — neither kings or gods.

Forbiddens are very aggressive that can attack everything - including summoner and allies.

Summoning ingredients requires: Devil's Bit, Lion Tablet