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Players in Covens can choose from three paths and become a Master Witch by learning all three.

Casting spells from any one school will align you to their path. The more energy a spell costs, the higher the alignment in it's path, which is why bless and hex won't align you. If your align is changing, you can see on the alignment bar after casting a spell. As your Allegiance to a school grows, your power for those spells will grow too. Mastery of any path will unlock a new very powerful spell.

To increase your degree (level of a path) you must cast White or Shadow spells to become a White or Shadow witch. Once you master all 14 degrees in White and all 14 degrees in Shadow then you will become a Master Grey witch. Higher degrees get a larger bonus/penalty than lower degrees in relation to the moon phase.

Witchcraft Paths

Grey Witchcraft[]

The Grey school believes in balance.

Grey is the path separating Shadow and White, representing the balance between the two paths. The spells are mostly buffs and debuffs.

Shadow Witchcraft[]

The Shadow School has very powerful offensive spells.

As you grow as a offensive Shadow witch you will gain Power points - increase the amount of damage you do on other players.

White Witchcraft[]

The White School is known for healing and protection.

As you grow as a defensive White witch, you will gain Resilience points - decrease the damage other players do against you.

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