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of the Seven[edit | edit source]

These spirits derives from ancient Babylon, Mesopotamia (from the beginning of written history circa 3100 BC).

The Seven Evil Spirits, also known as The Seven Maskim, were a group of evil demonic "forces of chaos" that reigned once over the lost land of Magan, from where they came from.

The Seven Evil Spirits seem to be primeval entities, served in the Underworld as messengers of Ereshkigal (goddess/ruler of land of the dead) and her minister and messenger Namtar.

These Seven are:

  1. South Wind
  2. Great Dragon
  3. Grim Leopard
  4. Terrible Shibbu
  5. Furious Wolf
  6. Rampant
  7. Evil Wind

Page Creator Notes:

  • The story that features these spirits is the sixteenth tablet of a series called the "Evil Demon Series," of which we have an Assyrian with a parallel Sumerian text. It's considered to be a very ancient legend.
  • Some people believe that these Seven were a variety of things, including "missiles" used in a "nuclear war" between 2 gods' descendents and "high-tech alien weaponry".