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"From beneath the Lilly Pad I wait, watching for your hand, or simply your long hair to touch the surface when you reach for the blooming flower. I'll likely keep you below for a while."

Spirit derives from Scandinavian-European folklore.

Nøkken is the Norwegian name for a certain type of water spirit. This water spirit is otherwise known as the ‘Nix’ in English.

The Nøkken was able to shape shift making it difficult to describe their appearance.

Nøkken seeks out one person a year to drown in his fresh water ponds, where he lures using his power of invisibility, or the ability to shape-change into something unsuspecting like a floating log, a beautiful water lily (Scandinavian language as the ‘nix-rose’) or even other plant life that is making it look like the edge of the pond is farther in, so when you move over to the water to pick flowers you would fall into the deep cold, treacherous waters.

Nøkken is related to Fossegrimen.

Assassins aggressively fights alongside its summoner.

Summoning ingredients requires: Nettle and Broken Needle