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Witches, in lore, gained energy from the celestial and astrological movements, gaining more power in the presence of a full moon or performing spells only when the moon was in a certain phase.


Moon Phases affects the strength of magic based on the degree of your alignment. The spells cast by a witch who follows the White Path will grow stronger with the full moon. Spells of witches following the Shadow Path will find strength in the darkness of a new moon. This is reflected in your overall Spell Efficiency.

Covens-example-1-moon-color.png Covens-example-2-moon-color.png

  • Higher degrees get a larger bonus/penalty than lower degrees - so for example, going up a degree in white will actually make you weaker if it's closer to the new moon.

Covens-moon-phase-dark.pngCovens Moon Phase - Light.png

So pay close attention to the Moon Phase. It can help determine why you are doing less damage or taking more damage. You may want to get help from fellow witches during these times where spells are less efficient for a high degree witch.