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"A glass filled with spirits, and a cigar in and is the proper way to gain my attention. Tell me your desires for I'm friends with the Saints."

Spirit derives from Mayan mythology in West Guatemala.

Maximón also called San Simón, is a Mayan deity and folk saint represented in various forms. His appearance varies greatly by location: popularly depicted as a man in a suit and hat, or he wears colorful garlands and scarves, or he wears sunglasses and a bandanna.

The worship of Maximón is believed to have begun at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Maya. The designation of Maximón as a Saint is the result of merging religions.

Venerated in form of an effigy which has special attendants that stay by the altar year-round, drinking and smoking alongside it. They deliver offerings from the public to the image. Popular offerings include money, tobacco, and moonshine.

Healers blesses its summoner and allies, including summoned spirits.

Summoning ingredients requires: Barberry, Cusha Jar