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"Carve a happy face, carve a scary face, it doesn't matter to me. Use a candle or a light, on the porch or in the streets. Just be sure to mutter the words: Trick or Treat!"

Spirit derives from Irish mythology.

In Ire­land chil­dren carved out pota­toes or turnips as “Jack-O-Lanterns” and lighted them from the inside with candles.

The prac­tice ori­gin­ated from an Irish myth about a man nick­named “Stingy Jack”.

People in Ireland and Scotland started placing them beside their homes to frighten away Stingy Jack and other wandering evil spirits and travelers.

Once this became a Halloween tradition, Jack-o-Lanterns were used as guides for people dressed in costume on Samhain.

Guardians protects its summoning location - intended for Places of Power and Portals.

Summoning ingredients requires: Sweet Treat

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Jack O' Lantern is Stingy Jack!