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Players in Covens can find and use collectible items, including signature ingredients for spells. There are three different types of item: botanical, gemstone, and tool.

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Item Types[]


botanical icon

Botanicals are plants, usually herbs, seeds, roots, grasses, or flowers that can be found all over the world. Most of them are actual ingredients used in witchcraft, and some have folk names (eye of newt, toe of frog, etc.) as a result that are reflected in-game. Some are healthy for consumption by humans, while others are poisonous.

Botanical Trivia[]

  • Wool of Bat is holly (in-game; in real life moss is also a contender).
  • Devil's Bit is devil's-bit scabious.
  • Adder's Fork is a plant named adder's tongue; this is not to be confused with the folk name for the dogstooth violet, which is adder's tongue.
  • Toe of Frog is buttercup.
  • Tongue of Dog is houndstongue.
  • Snakeroot is black cohosh.
  • Eye of Newt is mustard seeds.


Gems icon

Gemstones consist of five different gems (Malachite, Mother's Tears, Blood Agate, Brimstone, and Demon's Eyes) that can be found all over the world. The rarest gem is Demon's Eye.Blood Agate, Mother's Tear, Brimstone, Malachite, Devil's Eye

Blood Agate, Mother's Tear, Brimstone, Malachite, and Devil's Eye

Gemstone Trivia[]

  • Malachite is the only gemstone that both looks and is named like its real life counterpart.
  • Mother's tears could be sapphire, moonstone, or chalcedony depending on what factors are looked at (in-game appearance, description)
  • Blood agate could either be a completely fantastical stone or based off of bloodstone, which is also known as blood agate.
  • Brimstone is another name for sulfur, but in-game it appears to be orange, not egg yolk yellow like it is in real life.
  • Demon's Eyes look a lot like garnets or rubies, but could also be fantastical like blood agate.


Tool icon

Tools are items of all sorts that can be found anywhere in the world or as a drop from a defeated spirit. Each tool summons a specific spirit in the overworld. Tools can be anything from jewelry to ashes.

Tools with red names summon forbidden spirits. Tools that may seem to be endemic to one part of the world can be found elsewhere.

Forbidden tools have description have a red background.

TOOL TIP: More chance of receiving a specific tool from the spirit that you want to summon. So if you fly to where the spirit is commonly found and defeat it, the higher the chances of it dropping the specific tool. Also, for Superior and Legendary spirits, defeating them will increase the chances of them dropping the rarer tools.

Ingredients Tips[]


Elixir icons on the Map UI shelf.

The in-game store has 5 Elixirs: Power, Resilience, Gathering, Alignment, and Experience.

Each elixir last for 24 hours.

You may consume multiple elixirs at the same time, should you want to have more than one boost.


inventory icon

All of the ingredients/items listed above are available for use in the your inventory.

The gems are stored within the glowing white circle.

The tools are stored within the glowing grey circle.

The botanicals are stored within the glowing purple circle.

The elixirs are stored within the glowing green circle.

Note: Glowing circles added to highlight each part.


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