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In many traditions of Wicca, as well as some other Pagan religions, one's studies are marked by Degrees. A Degree shows that the student has spent time learning, studying and practicing. It's a common misconception that attaining a degree is an end goal, but in fact, most high priestesses will tell their initiates that being granted a Degree is just the beginning of a new and empowering process.

Increase Degree - Info & Tips[]

In Covens, your degree is your level of the path you choose to follow. There's 14 degrees of Shadow and 14 degrees of White.

To increase your degree, you must cast White spells or Shadow spells to become a White or Shadow witch.

Since the spells Hex and Bless both cost 0 energy to cast, they will not be helpful to raise your degree. The more energy a spell costs, the more alignment gain. Let me put it this way: the more energy used to cast, then that energy gets siphoned into the alignment of the spell. You're pouring your soul/life essence from yourself into the path of spell that you cast.
  • (The other spells that should not affect your alignment are: Channeling, Tranquility, and Addled Mind)
If you cast a spell for your Path that needs required ingredients, adding more of the ingredients seems to be boosting the degree gain.

To see how close you are to leveling your degree, you can cast any of your spells for your Path that costs energy to see the alignment bar at the bottom of the Results window.

Covens-Degree-Added-Spellcasting.jpg Covens shadow degree level-cast result.jpg

Another way you can see where your degree is by looking at the progress bar at the bottom of your character page in the Book of Shadows.

Covens white degree-book of Shadows.jpg Covens shadow degree-book of Shadows.jpg

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