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The book of shadows is in contemporary witchcraft and Wicca, a book of beliefs, rituals, Witchcraft laws and ethics, herbal and healing lore, incantations, chants, dances, spells, divination methods, rituals and miscellaneous topics that serves as a guide for Witches in practicing their Craft and religion.

It's also considered as a witch's bible. It's sort of like a reference journal, where she collects all her recipes, ingredients, & correspondence charts for magic making. According to tradition, a Witch’s book of shadows is destroyed upon death.

Your Book of Shadows[]

Here, in the world of Covens, you can see more information about yourself and your spells. It also contains the information of the spirits that you banished, the spirits you now can summon, including which ones of yours are active.

Just tap on the bookmarks on the left side to explore each page.



Spirit Map[]

You can find out what spirit belongs to which map region by tapping on the regions.




And you can see how much time your summoned spirit has left to do your bidding.