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The Barghest is a common Lesser spirit players can summon in Covens.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The barghest is a canine spirit that looks much like a Doberman with cropped ears and an uncropped tail. The last third of all of its legs are pure white, the black fur above looking ripped off. The dog has a black chain tied around its body, and one end of it is visible. Its eyes are pure white with no other details, much like its spectral legs.

Spirit Description[edit | edit source]

"I am a spectral hound loyal to my summoner. I will protect them with my life, and stay by their side at all times."

Summoning requirements[edit | edit source]

To summon one Barghest, the player must have 1000 Energy and one Iron Collar. Once these are supplied and the summoning is confirmed, it should take about a minute for the Barghest to be summoned.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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