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"Never sated, I drink your spirit with relish. Where I traverse pestilence follows."

Spirit derives from the Yoruba people in West Africa.

Abiku is a vampiric spirit and preys on animals and adults, but really craves for children (the younger, the better).

This demon has no stomach, and therefore must constantly eat, but will never be satisfied. It is able to dissolve into a puff of smoke, using this ability to gain entry into houses in order to feed on newborns. It is a vampiric spirit, feeding on the lifeforce of living beings (whether they be humans or animals), usually killing them in the process.

The Abiku may be banished or repelled by iron, salt, & amulets (usually forged of iron, copper, or silver).

Assassins aggressively fights alongside its summoner.

Summoning ingredients requires: Vervain and Silver Amulet.